Build a Peer to Peer Lending Product

How it works

Make all assets bankable


Asset Manager

  • Full access to Issuance Vehicle

  • Distribution to investors

  • Off-balance sheet vehicle with transparent pricing

  • Daily liquidity

  • For any size, at low cost


  • Better yields than fixed income assets

  • Low volatility

  • Transferable security (CH-ISIN)

  • Transparency

  • Financing a Real Estate Project
  • Certificate of Things
  • Build a Peer to Peer Lending Product
  • Build your Crypto Mining Product
  • Create your Venture Capital Tool
  • AMC on Structured Products
  • Tracker on Bitcoin

  • AMC on Multi Hedge Funds Strategies

  • AMC on Short Duration Bonds Selection

  • Launch your AMC Issuance Platform
  • AMC on Lapis Global Top 30 Crypto Asset Index

  • AMC on GRMCAP Leverage Opportunities