GenTwo makes all assets bankable, investable, and manageable. We help our clients expand the investment universe and become true innovators.

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We are serving Banks, Asset Managers, Family Offices, Brokers, VCs, Private Equity Specialists or Project Finance worldwide.

We combine decades of industry experience with the latest advances in technology to help our clients thrive in the digital age.

We establish white-labelled cellular issuance platforms with no bank issuer risk.

This allows to turn quickly all bankable and non-bankable assets from public, private or digital markets into Swiss securities with Swiss ISINs.

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Today more than 100 clients and partners are enjoying the benefits offered by GenTwo.

Incore Bank AG
Cat Financial Products
Clarus Capital
Bonart Financial Performance
Abalone Graff
Fortune Financial Strategies
Solvium Capital
Interactive Brokers
Turicum Investment Management
Turicum Asset Management

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