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Securitization of all digital assets

Make all crypto and digital assets investable, manageable and bankable in a Swiss Security (Swiss ISIN)

Your brand, management and framework

White-Label Platform

Off-balance sheet, no bank issuer risk

Bankruptcy Remote

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Access digital markets.
The crypto asset industry set out to challenge the traditional finance sector. Talent, ideas, and capital flocked to digital assets but for many investors, access remains a challenge. Seed capital has been earmarked for these new opportunities but the majority of funds remains trapped in the old system. Banks, institutional investors, and wealthy individuals are missing out.

‍GenTwo Digital is the bridge between these two worlds.


White-label Platform

Your brand, your investment strategy, your framework

Swiss-Compliant Securitization

Security with Swiss ISIN

Credit Remote

Your off-balance issuance platform, no bank issuer risk, product segregation

No restriction in choice of strategies

Free choice of parties

The custodian, broker, storage and service providers can be selected in a flexible manner, providing the setup that is the best solution for your specific application.

Use GenTwo Digital’s solution for unrestricted strategies on




Decentralized Finance (DeFi)




Crypto portfolios


High-frequency trading


STO/ pre ICO / STO


Crypto Mining

Use Cases

Case Study

Implement your Crypto Portfolio Strategy

Create flexible, inexpensive & simple solution for securitization of crypto investment strategies.

Case Study

AMC on Crypto Mining

AMCs on Cryptocurrency Mining: A flexible and cost-effective securitization solution.

Case Study

DeFi: Decentralized Finance

A flexible and effective solution to implement DeFi protocols into digital asset portfolios.

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