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GenTwo Pulse – your latest news and industry insights.

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AssetRush: 7th Edition unites innovators and investors in shaping the future of finance

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AssetRush: 7th Edition unites innovators and investors in shaping the future of finance
  • Thomas Aebli

    Partner and CEO, Anova Partners

    Swiss fintech company Anova Partners on GenTwo

  • Carmine Meoli

    Co-Founder, Stableton Financial

    Swiss fintech Stableton Financial on GenTwo

  • Roger Darin

    Head New Markets, InCore Bank

    InCore Bank on GenTwo Digital

  • Roger Ganz

    Head Asset Management, Clarus Capital

    Swiss asset manager Clarus Capital on GenTwo

  • Olaf Hannemann

    Co-Founder, CV VC

    Venture capitalist CV VC on GenTwo Digital

  • Wolfram Klingler

    Partner , Neuronomics

    Swiss asset manager Neuronomics on GenTwo Digital

  • Benito Mueller

    Founder, Barry Films

    Film production company Barry Films on GenTwo

  • Marc Seidel

    Partner, BFI Capital Group

    Swiss investment manager BFI Capital Group on GenTwo Digital

  • Jan Brzezek

    CEO and Founder, Crypto Finance

    Crypto Finance on GenTwo Digital

  • Richard Astle

    Head Switzerland & Middle East,

    Fintech Fireblocks on GenTwo Digital

  • Patric Käser

    CEO and Founder, Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz)

    Swiss investment advisor Briese Schiffahrt on GenTwo

  • Florian Rais

    CEO and Founder, CRIptonite

    Swiss digital assets manager CRIptonite on GenTwo Digital

Expanding the investment universe, together.

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Build your Actively Managed Certificate platform

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Private Equity & Private Debt: The Perfect Combination

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Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) on structured products

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Bringing professional art investments into a bankable structure that allows for easy access

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Marcuard Heritage - Expanding the product range

  • Product Spotlight

Post War & Contemporary investment portfolio made accessible

graph of a heart's pulse

GenTwo Pulse – your latest news and industry insights.

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What our clients say

  • The platform is a complete success. It allows us to quickly, easily and cost-effectively carry out securitizations that previously were not possible in this way. Within a short time, new customers were able to convince themselves of the platform and implement their first projects - the customer feedback is overwhelming.

    Giuliano Glocker
    Giuliano GlockerManaging Partner
    CAT Financial Products
  • Until GenTwo came along, investing in digital assets was a mine field of operational difficulties. Once they put their best minds at solving this problem, the workflow has become as simple as traditional investments.

    Ralf Glabischnig
    Ralf GlabischnigFounding Member
    Swiss Blockchain Federation
  • GenTwo’s solution combines flexibility and innovation. We develop and implement new ideas faster and cheaper than before. "Tailor-made" has never been easier.

    Roger Ganz
    Roger GanzHead Asset Management
    Clarus Capital Group AG
  • The magic of GenTwo, GenTwo Digital specifically, is that it enables people to launch a product and make it manageable and investable for people who are not extremely familiar with the space and it provides them the solution to participate in the crypto boom.

    Spiros Margaris
    Spiros MargarisVenture Capitalist
    Margaris Ventures
  • GenTwo is very innovative because it uses our services in a way that no one has used them before doing something which allows clients to access markets and also access them in a very efficient and cost-effective way.

    Toma Montanari
    Toma MontanariInstitutional Business Developer EMEA
    Interactive Brokers
  • GenTwo managed to create a setup that can make any financial asset bankable and easily accessible by a Swiss ISIN number. That is very valuable, especially when it comes to crypto assets. The customer can be up and running within a few weeks. It’s a very low-cost overhead, which is especially important to smaller Asset Managers.

    Roger Darin
    Roger DarinDigital Advisor
    Incore Bank AG
  • Setting up conventional investment funds always took a lot of time. From now on, however, we can launch tailor-made AMCs in an efficient, uncomplicated way and expand our range to include a number of alternative investment areas such as digital assets or real estate.

    Patrick Stauber
    Patrick StauberGroup CET
    Marcuard Heritage
  • GenTwo's actively managed certificate (AMC) helped us connect the film world to the finance world, giving investors access to an area that wasn't investible before. It helped us to get the liquidity necessary to take advantage of the huge opportunity that lies in content creation in the current market environment.

    Benito Müller
    Benito MüllerProducer and Co-Founder
    Barry Films
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