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GenTwo unites decades of experience to assist clients and business partners with multiple interactive services into the huge untapped market with a recipe for success. Our unique methods have been tried and tested by major experts, analysts and investment banks, approving our successful business model. With professional background credibility, GenTwo is here to ensure that your financial present and future are on the path to success. Our founders gathered the most qualified financial experts to benefit its clients and business partners today.

Uroš Škorc

Chief Technical Officer

Kurt Krautheim

Senior Legal Counsel

Sandra Chattopadhyay

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Ramiza Naegeli

Chief Human Resources Officer

Nadia Hochstrasser

Event Manager

Joyce Albertin

Business Process Manager

Philippe A. Naegeli

Co-Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Patrick Loepfe

Founder & Chairman

Jörg Bode

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre-Noël Formigé

Advisory Board

Mario Casty

Operations Manager

Lydia Nadal Masson

Head of Products

Benjamin Spring

Marketing Manager

Nikolaus V. Borck

Operations Manager

Eric Krüger

Head Valuations

Jan Šrámek

Software Developer

Marc P. Bernegger

Advisory Board

Roger Darin

Managing Advisor, GenTwo Digital

Lucas A. Ereth

Managing Partner, GenTwo Digital

Stephen Brown

Senior Software Developer

Anastasiia Bondareva


Barbara Lócsi

Software Developer

Beat Hodel

Advisory Board

Alberto Neto

Valuations Manager

Spiros Margaris

Advisory Board

Michael Byrne

Senior Legal Counsel

Nikola Gander

Key Account Manager, GenTwo Digital

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