Instantly create a flexible AMC offering for new and existing clients.


Platform Manager (You)

  • Increase assets under management
  • Enhance execution revenues
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Make use of a White labelling option
  • Develop your own pricing structure

Asset Manager (Your client)

  • Your services and brand
  • Executes unlimited rebalancings and have no cash limit
  • No bank issuer or balance sheet risks
  • Independent asset allocation (Multi Product Allocation: Funds, Structured Products, etc.)

How that works

GenTwo provides financial intermediaries and private banks with the tools to establish a custom-tailored AMC platform. Define a new unique product offering or build a white-labeled solution according to your needs! The result is a powerful range of innovative products and services, that will increase customer loyalty, strengthen your brand and accelerate entrance into new target markets. Custody and execution services remain with your existing bank and broker. All products carry a Swiss ISIN and Swiss paying agent and thus tie in seamlessly into the traditional financial system. Win additional clients and grow assets under management, leveraging GenTwo’s infrastructure, technology, and experience. 

Next-generation AMCs do not carry credit risk, nor are they subject to other common restrictions of traditional structured product issuers. GenTwo’s innovative off-balance sheet setup allows unlimited rebalancings, an unrestricted investment universe across asset classes and sectors as well as full usage of ETFs, options, and cash quotas. Fee parameters can be set flexibly (management/rebalancing/performance fees etc) to meet client needs and product objectives. 

GenTwo allows market participants to create ecosystems connecting capital with innovative products and services across public, private, and crypto markets. 


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