The Client

Zuri-Invest AG

Zuri-Invest AG is a traditional asset management company that specializes in the mining sector.

The Product

AMC on Zuri-Invest Global Mining Portfolio

ZI1 Issuer Limited

Global Mining Portfolio

The opportunity

Create an investable asset to take advantage of opportunities in the global mining sector


With over 41 years of experience, Zuri-Invest AG focuses on the mining sector by investing in both metals and the equities that enable access to them.


They note that this sector, especially the equities side, is difficult to access because it requires a network, an understanding of the management of the field, and often requires traveling on-site.


"The Gold mining sector makes up half a percent of global invested assets, which we feel is quite under-owned. Historically, there has been an allocation of 5% to physical gold or physical metals and another 5% to the equity side."

The solution

Securitize outstanding mining assets in which you can invest in exploration, development, and production


They securitized a global mining portfolio with equities that discover and help extract metals.


This portfolio invests in equities of all different stages from exploration to development as well as production of metals such as gold, silver, copper but also battery-related metals.


"These equities have very good margins, while metal prices have been going higher. I don't see that reflected in the whole bandwidth of small, mid and large caps."

The result

Allow investors to access a previously difficult-to-access mining sector


GenTwo's Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) helped Zuri-Invest AG create an investment into the mining sector that is accessible through a Swiss ISIN.


This led qualified investors to access a promising area, one that is a part of our daily life yet under-owned and difficult to access.


"There is an investment case for physical metals and also for the equities that provide access or enable getting those metals out of the ground. It is difficult to access this area as you need a network, you need to know those managements inside out, and it’s better to have been in the country on the project..."

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