Patrick Loepfe, Founder and Chairman of the Board GenTwo was interviewed by moneycab. He discusses GenTwo’s growth during the pandemic, the further development, and securitization offering.

The demand for GenTwo’s securitization solution continues throughout the pandemic. GenTwo was able to recruit additional valuable employees and double its workforce within the last nine months. Additionally, the company will continue to invest in automation, which will make workflows even more efficient. During the pandemic internationalization efforts were somewhat neglected, but GenTwo is determined to focus on expanding its offers internationally. 


GenTwo is offering previously inaccessible investment opportunities through securitization. Initially, the fintech company considered using tokenization for the solution, but in the end, decided to rely on established "carriers" that are recognized in the investment market. This means the products are conventional investment products that are given a Swiss ISIN and easily incorporated into investment portfolios. This means that any underlying asset can also be easily resold, which would not be so easy with a direct investment in the respective asset, for example.


GenTwo’s securitization solution expands the arsenal of investment opportunities. Securitization of unconventional assets is primarily about financing very specific projects, for example from the areas of infrastructure, ESG, or streaming content in the music or film sector. 



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Trainee Marketing at GenTwo

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