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Your white-labeled issuance platform for all investment strategies

Your brand, management and framework

White-Label Platform

Off-balance sheet, no bank issuer risk

Bankruptcy Remote

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GenTwo establishes issuance platforms for institutional clients. Banks, Exchanges, Brokers, Asset Managers, Family Offices and all kinds of financial intermediaries rely on our extensive experience and B2B services, to create branded infrastructure to securitize a full range of structured products with Swiss ISINs and without bank issuer risk.


White-label Platform

Your brand, your investment strategy, your framework

Swiss-Compliant Securitization

Security with Swiss ISIN

Bankruptcy Remote

Your off-balance issuance platform, no bank issuer risk, product segregation

Flexible Solution

Securitize any asset type, free choice of broker / custodian, and performance and management fees

No restriction in choice of strategies

Use GenTwo's solution for unrestricted strategies on








Foreign Exchange


Structured Products



Use Cases

Case Study

AMC on Structured Products

AMC on Structured Products: Simplifying and streamlining portfolio management.

Case Study

Certificate of Funds (AMC)

Reduce costs, increase investors returns and be your gateway into a new investment universe!

Case Study

Implement your Portfolio Strategy

Individual and bespoke issuance solutions with an unlimited number of AMCs.

Case Study

Your dedicated AMC platform

Instantly create an AMC offering for existing and new clients.

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